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Level Gauge

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  1. Reflex & Transparent Type Level Gauges

    We areamong the prominent Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge suppliers.The Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge provided by us is made of best quality rawcomponents that help in enhancing its performance levels. It is designed forsafe and positive visual indication of liquid level in vessels under highpressure & temperature conditions. The Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge is aflat glass gauge, which has precision molded prismatic grooves cut on its innerside, which comes in contact with the medium. Light striking the glass coveredby liquid is refracted (absorbed) into the liquid making this portion appearblack, whereas light covering the vapor space is reflected back towards theviewer, making it appear silvery-white. Thus, a sharp clear line marks theliquid level.CONSTRUCTION & OPERATION:- Reflex :Theliquid chamber is formed by one piece metal body, reflex gauge glass, sealinggasket, cushion and cover plate all held together by U-bolts & nuts. Thegauge glass sandwiched between the gasket & cushion is placed on front sidefor viewing of liquid level & held in the recesses machined in the body andcover plate. The level gauge is usually provided with shut - off valves ateither ends to isolate the gauge in the event of glass breakage or replacement.Transparent : The construction is similar to Reflex except that the liquid chamber is formed by one piece metal body and a pair of transparent gauge glass plates.Applications:- Petro-Chemical,Fertilizer, Power generation, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Water / Waste Water /Effluent treatment plants, Cooling / Lubricating / Filtration Systems, LiquidSewerage tanks, Chemical dosing system, Chemical reactors etc Operating Information Specify ØLiquid ØCC Distance of side flanges ØOperating temperature and pressure Process connection
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  2. Sight Glass Full View type

    Sight flow Indicator is the simplest instrument for viewing flow of different type of fluids in the process line.This type of sight flow indicator is used for viewing the process flow to assure that the flow is continuous or to note the process turbidity,colour etc.MOC- CI/ CS/ SS END CONNECTION- Screwed/ Flanged Glass- Toughened Borosilicate
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